“There is a major shortage of data scientists.”

M. Stonebraker (Turing Award Winner), March 2020.


In this article, we will go through some of the basics of machine learning and implement them using Python libraries. I will try to be as basic as possible, avoiding the use of too many to carry along folks that are not yet solid in programming or machine learning.

About the Dataset

The dataset contains 2000 observations from patients, with 8 features and a target that states whether they have diabetes or not. The 8 recorded features about the patient include pregnancies, glucose, blood pressure, skin thickness, insulin, BMI, Diabetes Pedigree Function (likelihood of…

Nuxt has an anonymous HTML template that will be filled continuously with your components, pages, stylesheets, scripts and other contents. You will rarely have a reason to update the template or even see it.

One very important scenario where you may need to customise this template is when you want to add conditional CSS classes for some browsers e.g. IE, Safari and others. Just in case you will want to customise it, this article teaches how to do that.

The default template used by Nuxt can be seen below:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<html {{ HTML_ATTRS }}>…

PC: Mike Cronin

Considering that I am more inclined to backend development, a good number of frontend enthusiasts and newbies have reached out to me to open any of my existing REST API to them for consumption, for practice purpose perhaps.

This article explains how you can create a test REST API with JSON, make it fully ready for consumption and consume with an API testing tool (Postman Client).

Go to the link https://nodejs.org/en/download/, download and nodejs.

Install JSON Server by running the command:

Create a file that will be your supposed database of data, we will call the file db.json and add…

As usual for software engineers, we would discuss various systems, why they are successful or a failure, what they are doing to remain at the top and what they need to do better.

I raised an issue of UI I have observed with twitter, which is that their Direct Message notification is not friendly and can cause any busy or non-meticulous user a lot of damage.

I will use scenarios of images screen-munched and merged from a mobile twitter application to explain my claim below;

Photo 1 — What you think

What you think the inbox will look like when you receive a notification.

Photo 2 — What it is

In tech, “Curiosity never kills the cat”, unlike in other professions as so many people claim. Just while going through my GitHub profile today, I observed a new GitHub Design Update and I enabled it.

And boom, I was amazed by the new UI/UX as one can now easily keep an eye on their followers, followings and likes. To be honest, I was even more amazed by how they avoided shoving the new update down everyone’s throat but only enabling it on request.

Below is how the previous GitHub profile looks:

How GitHub profile looks before the Design Update


Nuxt is a progressive framework based on Vue.js to create modern web applications. I found it quite challenging to wrap my head around how Nuxt’s directory structure works during my early days of writing Vue.js using the Nuxt framework.

This article aims to explain the uses of all the folders and files in the Nuxt project director.

Folders and files in Nuxt


The assets directory contains your un-compiled assets such as Stylus or Sass files, images, or fonts. ASSET URL files are those you access within your code blocks or CSS through standard properties. Examples of such are the <img> tag src attribute, background-image: url(/**/)…

This article guides Java Developers on how to send HTTP Requests using HTTP Methods (GET and POST) and reads the https response status and content.

You need the httpclient and httpmime jar to manage HTTP requests and responses, and multipart files respectively. Add the following lines of code to your pom.xml to add these dependencies.



As discussed, to make HTTP Request and receive responses, there needs to be an existing service. Below are some details about the service that we are going to use for testing purpose:


Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

It is a credo amidst so many students of Computer Science and other tightly related technology courses of study in undeveloped or developing countries, perhaps Nigeria, that students who make excellent results do not acquire the technical skill(s) and also, vice versa.

However, after graduating from ABU, Zaria as the best graduating student ever recorded since the incorporation of the University in 1962 and leading a team of three (3) students to win the 7th Nigerian Universities Computer Programming Context that has in participation 16 public and private reputable Universities in Nigeria, it became a narrative for both me and…

Perhaps you would have heard about Voyager! It is an awesome package created by The Control Group that provides a complete admin system to quickly scaffold out your Laravel app.

This article shows the steps to be taken to create a new Menu and use it within your application. This article also proffers a solution to the problem where the links don’t work when a new Menu is created due to the check for $menuName == 'admin' in src/Models/Menu.php of the Voyager package.

Note: This article assumes you are already aware of Voyager and can install it. …

Sometimes, you will stumble on some functionalities that will be required in so many different parts of your application, then will wonder why you have to keep duplicating this same lines of codes instead of implementing it once and having it reused.

This article shows the steps to achieve that …

Create a folder Helpers in your Laravel app directory.

mkdir app/Helpers

Create your helper file in your Laravel app\Helpers folder and give it any name of your choice, we will call the file helper.php in this article.

touch app/Helpers/helper.php

Load the file app/Helpers/helper.php up in your composer.json file.


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